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Meet Aaron

Freelance web designer, lifelong geek

Hi there! My name’s Aaron, and I’m a freelance web designer based in Brisbane.

I create websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders right up to businesses with an office in every city. The business owners I work with are people who want to showcase their products and services with a strong online presence – and who want to work directly with the guy building their site.

If that sounds like you, then we need to chat.

"You" focus

Have you ever been frustrated by specialists who take ages to deliver a final product because they’re juggling your project with several others? Nothing is more excruciating. That’s why I follow a strict one client at a time policy. When I’m working with you, you can be confident your project has my full attention – the same level of attention I’d give to juggling chainsaws (if I juggled chainsaws). That way, you get better results, sooner.

Qualifications &

If this is the headline you were really looking for, you’ll be glad to learn I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing, plus a Certificate III in IT Support. After several years as a software developer, I moved into web design and development so I could help business owners get both the web tools and sites they need. I’ve been a freelance web designer ever since.

The real Aaron

When I’m not building websites that solve your problems, I enjoy solving Rubik’s Cubes (my current PB for a 3 x 3 grid cube is 36 seconds), watching anime, playing video games and keeping fit-ish with DDR and the odd hike. I haven’t taken up chainsaw juggling yet, but you never know what the future may bring…

Let's talk

The website your business needs is within reach.

All it takes to start is a simple conversation.

Send me a message via the contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your vision for your business website.

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