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Custom Web
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Anything’s possible with the help of your friendly neighbourhood web geek

If the constraints imposed by standard web platforms simply don’t suit your website needs, custom web design and development is the answer.

Web development leverages the inherent freedom of different programming languages to create advanced web apps, custom-built plugins and tools, and anything else that can be crafted with code. The result: a unique, complex or otherwise customised website that suits your purposes 100%.

If that’s what you’re after, all you need is someone experienced (and geeky enough) to build it. So it’s just as well you’re here.

Why work with Aaron?

I take the time to discuss your needs and ask the right questions so I can help you get the right results. My familiarity with a range of web technologies (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CakePHP, Laravel, Node.js, Vue.js and more) ensures I can create a website that meets your requirements, whatever they may be. So long as it’s within the boundaries of the law (I’ve never fancied life on the run), no request is too outlandish – just ask.

Custom Websites

I can apply custom web design to a brand-new website, or we can migrate your existing site to your new platform. Together, we’ll create your perfect site as you choose from more customisation options than a Domino’s pizza. I take care of full development and testing to ensure your site delivers on your goals for look and functionality. And because I only work on one site at a time, you can be confident your project has my full attention throughout.

Custom Web Apps

Whether you need a calculator for your accounting site, a troubleshooting tool for your latest product, or some other widget that functions in a way no-one has ever even seen before, I can create it. With thorough consultation and my one-client-at-a-time policy, you’ll get the custom web app that solves your problems, sooner.

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Do you want a website that’s fully tailored to your business’s needs?

If so, we need to talk.

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